Friday, September 11, 2009

Meet the organisers of the Swindon Open Studios 2009

Putting together an event like an open studios takes time and efforts, which is not something you realise until you become part of the organising team.

Swindon Open Studios 2009 is almost there, on the 12th and 13th of September. Its preparation started almost one year ago.

From left to right: Mike Pringle, Bea Menier, Linda Kasmaty and Benoit Philippe

Mike Pringle is the Director of the Swindon Cultural Partnership. He is an artist and a published illustrator.

Bea Menier is one of the artists taking part into this year's open studios. You can learn more about Bea by reading her interview.

Linda Kasmaty is an art enthusiast. She has been helping organising previous Swindon Open Studios.

Benoit Philippe is an artist taking part in this year Swindon Open Studios. You can see Benoit's paintings on his website and on his blog, My French Easel.

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